Few points about the learning/smart Thermostat

My brother told me about the learning thermostat that he had installed in his home. He told me that I really needed to check these things out because they are pretty cool and can save a homeowner quite a bit of money in energy bills each year. I was not completely sold on the idea that a thermostat could actually save me as much money as he was saying, but I thought that I would check it out just to be sure.

I did manage to find some great resources that provided me with quite a bit of information about the learning thermostat. From what I read, they’re basically a one up on the programmable types. They have proven to save homeowners as much as 33% on their heating and cooling bills in a year. That was pretty impressive to me.

Some of the features really caught my attention. First and foremost, I would be able to work on the programming of the thermostat from my computer, tablet computer or smartphone. There are apps for mobiles and web use that help you monitor the home heat and cooling schedule. This app does more than allow you to change the settings; it provides you with a lot of useful information that will help you learn how to save money.

Some of the features include:

The Auto-Schedule: This feature will adjust your home’s temperature as it gains data from your regular use. Once it has a decent amount of data stored, it will adapt the home temperature to what your preferences have proven to be.

Auto-Away: There are sensors built into the thermostat that will tell it if the house is empty. Once it has determined that the house is empty, it will automatically adjust to keep the home at an energy-saving temperature.

Airwave: This feature leaves the fan blowing after the AC unit has turned off. It will push the remaining cool air out of the duct work. This way, the air continues to circulate through the home and keeps the temperature at a comfortable level.

Energy History: You will be able to learn when your system is using the most energy. You will be able to make changes to your heating and cooling schedule to try to reduce energy consumption each month. You may not even realize how much money you are losing when you do not pay attention to the use of home heating and cooling system.

On top of all of those features, I was impressed with the fact that the program will remind me of any maintenance that needs to be done on the HVAC system in my home. I get reminders to change the filter, have tune-ups and it alerts me when the system is not functioning properly so I can call and have it repaired.

All of these awesome features, along with a few others were pretty much what persuaded me into thinking about buying a learning thermostat for my home. It would be neat to use it and pay close attention to my utility bills to see if it does save me as much money as it claims to.

South park broadcast in Italian television

An animated series topped with satirical black humor created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker south park is being broadcasted since 1997 on the American channel Fox, then moved on to Comedy Central which airs today. In Italy it airs on Comedy Central and MTV. To date it have produced eighteen seasons  with currently nineteenth one running.See the best of each here.The first sixfteen were broadcast on Comedy Central. Studio also produced  The Movie – Bigger, Longer & Uncut in 1999. Four children who attend primary school and live in the small town of Colorado are pestiferous, obscene and unabashedly intelligent boys face the current issues with immediacy and healthy malice dispelling taboos and demonizing the American society. Their “weapons” are parody, black comedy and the bad language.The origins of the show dates back to 1992 when Trey Parker and Matt Stone created an animated short called Jesus vs.. Frosty in which we find the first elements of Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflosky.It has been harshly criticized in the United States because they were considered offensive because of politically incorrect language and the harsh criticism of American society, but also in Italy has undergone the same treatment by the Moige which made ​​for a great battle for its interruption.The series aired for the first time in the country in 2000, with the first four seasons, and in 2006 decided not to pass it anymore because it was considered “extreme” . Comedy Central and MTV passed on the subsequent episodes without censorship. Even the first four seasons were dubbed again without censorship, and aired later. NEWS TO REMEMBER  South Park will be up to 20 seasons