South park broadcast in Italian television

An animated series topped with satirical black humor created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker south park is being broadcasted since 1997 on the American channel Fox, then moved on to Comedy Central which airs today. In Italy it airs on Comedy Central and MTV. To date it have produced eighteen seasons  with currently running eighteenth one. The first sixfteen were broadcast on Comedy Central. Studio also produced  The Movie – Bigger, Longer & Uncut in 1999. Four children who attend primary school and live in the small town of Colorado are pestiferous, obscene and unabashedly intelligent boys face the current issues with immediacy and healthy malice dispelling taboos and demonizing the American society. Their “weapons” are parody, black comedy and the bad language.The origins of the show dates back to 1992 when Trey Parker and Matt Stone created an animated short called Jesus vs.. Frosty in which we find the first elements of Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflosky.It has been harshly criticized in the United States because they were considered offensive because of politically incorrect language and the harsh criticism of American society, but also in Italy has undergone the same treatment by the Moige which made ​​for a great battle for its interruption.The series aired for the first time in the country in 2000, with the first four seasons, and in 2006 decided not to pass it anymore because it was considered “extreme” . Comedy Central and MTV passed on the subsequent episodes without censorship. Even the first four seasons were dubbed again without censorship, and aired later. NEWS TO REMEMBER  South Park will be up to 20 seasons 

How Industrial Configuration Is The Key

For many people, the concept of thermocouple seems very foreign to their own way of life. However, the truth is quite the contrary, as all of us use electricity in our daily lives. Once you learn About its basics, their existence will make a great deal of sense to you. If you use it, you are measuring temperature by way of a sensor. Each of it is made up of legs that are produced from two contrasting types of metal. These legs of metallic wire are welded together but only one of their ends. This creates a shape known as a “junction”, which facilitates an area for the measurement of temperatures.

Electrical voltage comes to be when this junction of wires experiences changes in temperature. If you then wanted to measure the range of the voltage that is produced, one would consult reference tables that calculate and interpret temperatures.
You might still be wondering how this relates to your daily life despite its relationship with the production of electricity. People are rarely aware of how many important industries depend on the usage of them. They are not just dependable, but highly necessary for the scientific and industrial sectors of our economy. These thermocouples are utilized in oil and gas production. They also play a large part in the manufacture of paper pulp, goods made from paper and cement products used in all manners of the building trade.

Fields like medicine owe a debt to the voltage produced by them. The BioTech sector and pharmaceutical companies use them in the development of new and life-saving drugs. They use these wire “junctions” because they are a low cost way to ignite high temperatures. A simple wire junction can produce a wide range of temperatures and will remain durable in form even after multiple uses.

Consumers in the home market are some of most frequent users of its technology, and most of them are not aware of it. They would be surprised to learn that these wire junctions are used in the manufacture of several of the kitchen appliances they use every day like pop-up toasters and toaster ovens. In addition, they are used in the manufacture of kitchen stoves, particularly of the electric variety. When keeping your house warm in the winter, thealso aids in the production of heat with home furnaces.